End of Year Show

Explination of Show Role

For the end of year show, I am the Production Manager often shortened to PM. The main job of a PM is to ensure that everyone is doing their job correctly and on schedule. In the industry, the PM will also hire and fire people but since I’m still in education I didn’t get to choose who I got on my team and I am unable to fire anybody if they aren’t doing their job. I must also write weekly production reports which outline any discussed deadlines or problems that need to be fixed within a certain time frame. Along with those deadlines, the PM will create a Production Schedule that is agreed with all heads of departments as well as doing the get-in and get-out schedules that try to accommodate all the departments’ time requirements for each part of the setup. When a meeting is needed the PM will write the agendas for those as well as leading those meetings. They will often draw up the technical agreement with help from the heads of departments. The fire safety protocol and location of the fire alarms and fire extinguishers are in any venue the may visit. It is also often that when in the design part of the show the PM will help arrange meetings with the directors so that the designers can get a clear vision of what the director wants.


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