Creative Project

Creative Project – Initial Ideas 1

Idea 1

Dance piece with makeup and costume

My original idea was to work with the dancers to create a dance piece that went from under the sea to the sky. I wanted to create this by transforming a space to be more like an art gallery whether that be in the theatre or in an actual art gallery. For the all the stages I wanted there to be a mixture of body art, physical costumes and props. Under the sea would have multiple performers painted with a fish painted on either side of their bodies so that their movement could simulate a fish swimming and they would begin by looking like they were moving paintings on canvas before moving away to continue the movement and lead the audience to the next piece. Where I wanted ballet dancers to be jellyfish but rather than painting them I could create this out of umbrellas that were all different colours and have strips of LED lighting that changed colour as the tentacles. For the land, it would many be costumes and masks but some creatures like Golden Tortoise Beetle could be done with paint and then by using a clear red UV colour I could make their colours change. It would start by looking gold and then as the UV light hits it changes to red. The sky would start with people painted like the birds, and the simulation of flight could be done and then have some on sticks (like in Lion King) and then in the final room, there would be a butterfly room that had fake magnetized butterflies flying around the room. As much as I would have liked to realise this I knew that it wouldn’t be possible in the time frame or budget. It is a lot of work, especially for one person. And even though I have previous experience in makeup I would have to do all the casts make up and that wouldn’t be feasible for one person it would probably have taken most of one day just to do all the makeup and if I did manage it I would then spend the rest of the day doing touch ups, as people sweat and it starts to run.




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