End of Year Show

Agenda and Meeting Minutes 09/11/2017


 Production: Currently Unknown

Date: Thursday 9th November 2017

Time: 1.30pm

Venue: Class Room

Attendees: Lucy Sykes, Sam Loftus, Matthew Stephenson, Jason Shepley, Rosalin Cunningham, Steff Gibson

From: Lucy Sykes


Agenda Points

  1. Talk through what was discussed in the meeting Sean and Levi – Lucy Sykes
  2. Lightings where are you with paperwork – Matthew Stephenson
  3. Sounds where are you with paperwork – Rosalin Cunningham and Jason Shepley
  4. Stage Managements where are you with paperwork – Sam Loftus and Steff Gibson
  5. Set Design – Rosalin Cunningham
  6. A.O.B


  1. To discuss what was said in the meeting on Wednesday the 8th November with Sean Gibson and Levi Holmes.
  2. What paperwork has been done
  3. What paperwork has been done
  4. What paperwork has been done
  5. Discuss the proposed set design
  6. A.O.B


Meeting Minutes for 13/03/18 @ 12:00pm 

 Attendees: Lucy Sykes (LS), Sam Loftus (SL), Matthew Stephenson (MS), Jason 

Shepley (JS), Rosalin Cunningham (RC), Steff Gibson (SG) 

 Venue: AS012 


 Technical agreement – Lucy Sykes 

  1. Sound – Jason Shepley and Rosalin Cunningham
  2. Set – Rosalin Cunningham
  3. Props – Sam Loftus
  4. Rehearsal notes – Steff Gibson
  5. A.O.B.


 Technical Agreement 

LS: The Tech Agreement is finished, I left it with Sean, and told him that I will be back this Thursday to have either all the signatures done or to get a list of issues that need to be addressed before signing. I have all crew signatures except JS, who can have a read through and sign today. I am going into rehearsals on Thursday morning to see if the performers have signed or if there’s anything they need to discuss prior to signing.  



LS: You’ve got two days until your deadline for the sound inventory, how are you doing? 

JS: Absolutely fine, got my sound effects. 

RCThe BTECs are in the theatre for the next couple of days, just so you know.  

JS: I’ll have it done for Thursday.  


Set Progress 

LS: So, build schedule? 

RC: I haven’t done one. I need to know when we can get in the workshop before I can even look at creating one. 

LS: We can talk to Lucy Francis about that today.  

RC: Yeah, if you don’t mind. If not, Kizzy did say to us the other day that if we give her notice, that she’s more than willing to sit in and be a supervisor for us.  

LS: The person that Jace said was coming in is now not coming in because they’ve hurt their back, but I don’t know if that’s the same person that Lucy was referring to. 

RC: Yeah. It was going to be my old Art teacher, Dave Fryer, he was proper sound. 

LSTechnical Drawings?  

RC: Erm, I haven’t done any. I’ve still got 2 days. I need to redo the one for that flat because we changed it. We put an extra beam in it, and I had to straighten the door out because the whole door was on an angle on both sides and I realised that it wouldn’t work because it’s a door and it needs to open, so I straightened one side.  



LS: How are we doing with sourcing? 

SL: Perfectly fine. Anything that I’ve been getting I’ve just been trying to do as soon as they ask for it, giving them something they can use in rehearsal and trying to source something that’s right for the show. The rehearsal props that have gone in this week are bowls, spoons, books, science experiment and make up brushes. They are starting to move into Act 2 prop requests now. There are only a few Act 1 props that I haven’t managed to source yet, like a make up box that needs to be era specific and a couple of other bits that are specific and will take time. I have to build the gun racks and the typewriters which I’ve laser cut today. Science experiment for Act 2, this is a note for SG, is done in rehearsals with them, the entire experiment is in the fridge in AS012. Just grab it whenever they need the scene and the measurements and instructions are there with it as well. Finally, typewriters are now being built and put together to go into rehearsals.  


Rehearsal Notes 

For the purpose of the meeting minutes SG goes through the Rehearsal Notes for 08/03/18 @ 1.00pm please see DSM folder on the G-Drive or ‘Rehearsal Notes’ Section of the Prompt Copy. Then SG goes through the Blocking Notes from the rehearsals, please see Rehearsal Script in the Prompt Copy. SG asks for LS’s help with blocking notes. 



MSMe and Nick went into the Technical Graveyard and fixed some of the broken lanterns, so I have more lights to play with.  

LS: The performers want to talk to RC about standing on the periactoids, the issue they have is that they’re blocking for going to the lockers, I tried explaining to them that it’s about health and safety. 

RC: When it’s built and been tested I can give them a better answer, but for now, they shouldn’t be blocking on there, I told them they can’t stand on them from the beginning.  



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