Creative Project

Creative Project – Initial Ideas 2

Idea 2

Flying Butterflies

When looking at my first idea I realised that I had to simplify it, so I thought I could make a dress that was in the style of 1700s dresses and attempt to have fake butterflies that would randomly fly off the dress and then land back on the dress. I thought that I could use magnets to do this by changing the poles of the magnets using strings that would go through the dress and be controlled by the performer’s finger movements. I also toyed with the idea of researching scents that butterflies are attracted to. Using this scent, I would have put the dress in a butterfly house to make a short video that showed real butterflies landing and taking off from the dress. I decided that even though it sounds quite simple the dress I had in mind was heavily embroidered with flowers and I knew I wouldn’t have time to make the dress as period accurate as I would have liked as well as doing all the embroidery and making the butterflies fly. The budget was also an issue as I knew that the fabric alone would cost a lot of money then there would be everything else on top of that. Although this was a project that I had considered and planned for months in advance and something that I wanted to make it wasn’t feasible. If I had a larger budget and more time it is a project I would consider doing in the future.




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