Industry Development

Graham Roberts


On the 14th November 2017, Graham Roberts from HPSS came to teach us an updated industry standard desk. He started by making sure that we all understood the basics of lighting. We initially looked at generic lights and creating shapes with a profile. Then we set up intelligent lights, and he showed us how to patch into the desk and make pallets so it would be easy to start a show quickly.

Although I myself am not a very technically minded person, and lights aren’t something that generally comes easy to myself, I decided that it would help enhance my basic knowledge of lighting. After a short amount of time on the desk, I realised that it would be quite simple to start a show on the desk and get up and running quickly.

The desk was Avolites tiger touch and having been previously taught how to use an ETC Congo, which seems to have a very roundabout way of working, I found that the Avolites tiger touch was a much easier system to use. The way that pallets can be put on a memory stick and just uploaded straight onto the desk, where you can simply transfer what lights they correspond to is something that would be a lot easier than some of the methods on an ETC console.


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