Creative Project

Creative Project – Initial Ideas 3

Idea 3

Transforming Dress with 2 transformations

After having a conversation with a friend, I decided to consider transformation costumes and realised that there is often only one transformation in theatrical performances. I wanted to consider the logistics of making a transformation dress and whether there was a way to make 2 transformations I one dress. I came to the conclusion this was because one was easier than two and the weight of the fabric could be difficult to perform in on a regular occasion but as I was only needing to do one day of performance I thought that it would work, and it would be interesting to see if it could be done. So, I looked at fictional characters to see who had the most changes and although there are fictional characters that have more than two outfits I was taken the most with Cinderella and I wanted to see if I could go from the maid’s outfit to her pink dress to the ballgown. But personally, I don’t like the animated version of the ballgown and, so I thought I could go from the animated maid’s costume to the animated pink dress to the live action blue ballgown. In the end, I decided that this was a little too complicated to achieve and needed to rethink the idea to simplify it somewhat even though I wanted to do all three I wasn’t sure I could achieve all three dresses in one.




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