Creative Project

Creative Project – Initial Ideas 4

Idea 4 

Transforming dress with 1 transformation

I was attempting to simplify my third idea down so that it may be more manageable, and when looking into the theatre performances I found that they often went from the maid’s outfit to the ball gown I think this is due to the fact that you can hide most of the ballgown in the apron of the maid’s outfit and there isn’t as much of a risk of seeing the other dress underneath the ballgown. I decided that I wanted to see if I could go from one full dress into another. I knew that this would be difficult if not impossible as it would take so much fabric to ensure that the pink dress wouldn’t be seen beneath the blue one. I had the idea of having a crinoline under the pink dress and then a separate white skirt under that and that I could fold the blue dress up and have the pink dress as the outer part when folded and tucked into the waistband of the pink bodice then when the bodice is removed the skirt would drop and the top layer would now be blue with a blue bodice underneath the pink. This was going to be a challenge and I was concerned about the cost and was later talked out of this idea due to concerns about the weight of the fabric when worn.



Transformation dresses

There isn’t a lot of information when it comes to transformation dress construction in the form of written tutorials the majority of it is YouTube videos that show the transformation by looking at those I hopefully will get a better idea of how they are constructed.


Skills and Equipment






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