Creative Project

Creative Project – Initial Ideas 5/ Chosen Project

Idea 5

Dress with lights

So, I still wanted to make a Cinderella dress but realised I couldn’t do any transformations, so I decided that I would look at the two Cinderella dresses and strip them down to the bare minimum and see what happened I ended up with a simple strapless blue ballgown. I needed some form of technology in the dress so am going to put lights into it. I am concerned that it may look like a dress out of my big fat gypsy wedding but if I pull it off maybe it will be clear that that isn’t what it is. The presentation of the dress is something I have also had to consider and, so I’ve decided that I will make the garden with a bench and some grass as it is in the animated version as I want to keep some of that in it. At the end of the piece, I want the lights that I have in the rig to be turned off so that the dress will only be lit by the lights inside it. I am going to make sure that I do a final fitting with my actress a week before the event so that I can make sure that she is comfortable in the dress and that it isn’t too big. Hopefully, I can pull the dress off in time and that it doesn’t prove too challenging. Putting lights in a dress isn’t something I’ve done before and want to see how simple it could be. I’ve also never made a full ballgown before and is something I want to see if I can achieve. Doing this project, I will be challenging my dressmaking skills and allows me to get back to sewing as I am leaning more to going into the costume side of the industry.



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