End of Year Show

First Meeting with the Head Director

The first time that I went and talked to the main director it was to try and get a meeting with him for my set designer as she was struggling to settle on a concept without some direction from the director. I was told that he had the script for two weeks but had no ideas for the show due to the fact that it had changed but he did know that the main thing he required would be a touring set. I took this back to my set designer but she was still struggling and so I went again to find him but was unable to find him I did, however, find one of the other directors who was more than willing to organise a meeting for the next week. When it came to the day of the meeting I discovered that the main director was unwilling to take time out of his day to have the meeting with us and someone told the directors that it would have to be moved as the performers have a deadline in January and that was more important. So that same day I went to see the main director in order to find out what was going on and ended up talking to another person who gave ideas for the set, finally the main director came into the room and I was able to arrange a meeting for the week after with him and the other directors. Coming out of that interaction it felt like they didn’t have any regard for what we needed to achieve in the time frame and I attempted to get someone to assist in getting my point across but it wasn’t received well and so we went to the meeting. I was told that I had to be nice and avoid conflict and I was to treat the meeting as if it was the first interaction between the two departments and any issues that may have been had by either team had not arisen yet. Even though all questions were answered, and the set designer was in a better position to come up with a concept that could work for the show I felt like I couldn’t fight for my team as I was told to play nice and came out feeling like I had been walked all over. I understand that as the production team we are there to enhance the show, but our problems and requirements are just as important as the performance sides issues, we should be working to help all parties not just favour one.


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