End of Year Show

Agenda and Meeting Minutes 08/02/2018


 Production: Zombie Prom

Date: 8th February 2018

Time: 1.00pm

Venue: AT002

Attendees: Lucy Sykes, Sam Loftus, Matthew Stephenson, Jason Shepley, Rosalin Cunningham, Steff Gibson

From: Lucy Sykes


Agenda Points

  1. Technical Agreement – Lucy Sykes
  2. Lighting Paper Work – Matthew Stephenson
  3. Sound Paperwork – Jason Shepley and Rosalin Cunningham
  4. Set Presentation – Rosalin Cunningham
  5. Set Build Paperwork – Rosalin Cunningham
  6. Casting – Steff Gibson
  7. Rehearsal Notes – Steff Gibson
  8. Props – Sam Loftus
  9. A.O.B


  1. Where is the technical agreement at? When is it likely to be given to the director?
  2. Lighting Inventory? Any design ideas written down? Scene Synopsis?
  3. Sound inventory? Design ideas? Scene Synopsis?
  4. Where are we at with the arranging that? Are you prepared for it? Is there anything the team can do to support you with?
  5. Tools inventory? Workshop Risk Assessments? Build Schedule? Drawings?
  6. Relay the casting so the crew is aware of the casts roles.
  7. Discuss Rehearsal Notes.
  8. Talk about props that are already in rehearsals. The plan of when other props are going to be in the rehearsal room.
  9. A.O.B


Meeting Minutes for 08/02/18 @ 1:48pm

Attendees: Lucy Sykes (LS), Sam Loftus (SL), Matthew Stephenson (MS), Jason

Shepley (JS), Rosalin Cunningham (RC), Steff Gibson (SG)

Venue: HCUK Library: Room 2 (no computer)


1. Technical Agreement – Lucy Sykes

2. Lighting Paper Work – Matthew Stephenson

3. Sound Paperwork – Jason Shepley and Rosalin Cunningham

4. Set Presentation – Rosalin Cunningham

5. Set Build Paperwork – Rosalin Cunningham

6. Casting – Steff Gibson

7. Rehearsal Notes – Steff Gibson

8. Props – Sam Loftus

9. A.O.B


Technical Agreement

LS: The Tech Agreement is still unfinished, as we’ve got hand ins soon, I haven’t had chance to look back over it yet. There are some points that I need to move and a couple of changes that need to be made to it, but aside from that, it is pretty much completed. Once it is completed, I can give it to you all to read through and sign and we can get it to Jez to read through and sign as well.

Lighting Paperwork

MS: Today I have started on my cue synopsis but unfortunately, I haven’t had a full set design so it makes it quite difficult to come up with an initial concept or design. I have discussed that the deadline for January will need to be moved because other items on the schedule have been pushed back and has had a knock-on effect on my ability to complete paperwork and meet those deadlines. I’ve completed my inventory and that is not in the Prompt Copy, as I had previously failed to read the bottom of our brand guidelines, so it’s in there now.

Sound Paperwork

LS: Do we have a Sound Inventory?

RC: I’ve been focused on my Set Design, so I haven’t really had chance to go into the Sound Store and find out.

JS: I haven’t started on the paperwork yet, but I have sources a few versions of all the sounds mentioned in the script.

LS: We do need the paperwork though. Do you have a scene synopsis, notes in the script etc.?

JS: No scene synopsis yet. I’ve been making notes in the script. I’ve gone through the script and sourced the sounds mentioned in there, and I’m prepared to receive new requests for sounds on top. They have a few options of the sounds I have sourced so they can pick the ones they like most, for example, there’s a point in the script where they’re in a science lab and I have a few bubbling sounds that I have sourced, a few others that are repeated as well.

LS: If we can get the sound inventory done ASAP, that would be the first thing you need to focus on now.

JS: Okay.

Set Presentation

LS: Where are we at with organising the set presentation?

RC: Jez still hasn’t emailed Leo back about it so I’ve told Leo today about what SG said about Jez not ignoring Leo that he’s been busy and will reply. So he’s going to try and get hold of Jez again. What I’m doing is getting on with as much as I can to get it done for if he turns around and says “Let’s do it tomorrow.” Because right now I have absolutely no idea and it needs to be as soon as we can.

LS: I don’t know if you saw the question at the bottom of this section on the agenda, but is there anything we can help you with?

RC: I mean, I don’t really know what’s going on to be honest. I know what the set is and everything but I don’t know in terms of my model box for example, whether you are actually allowed to help me build it, so not really. SketchUp isn’t working, well, it’s the wrong version, in our classroom it’s 2018, but I have 2017, and the computers in AS012 have 2016, and none of them can read each other, so that’s problematic. I know that to the highest point, straight down, is 8ft, because I can get one of the sides from an 8x4ft 3mm flat.

Set Build Paperwork

LS: I know where you are with the set build paperwork but for minuting purposes, where are you with the set build paperwork?

RC: We don’t have a tools inventory. Haven’t done risk assessments for the workshop. Haven’t started the build schedule. I have my design drawings, they’re just not to scale yet, as I’ve lost my scale ruler. I have lots of sketches and everything, I’ve put them all in this book, my research part of the module, I have it covered. I am trying to show my design development as I go along. This (for purposes of the minutes, RC is now showing the group her designs) is pretty much the final design. I’m going for the cartoony, Lichtenstein style. I’ve heavily researched 1950’s styles and shapes to get to this final design. We need to do video mapping so that Jez can have this video played on his set. Does anyone here understand how to create a video map?

MS: I do.

RC: Will you go through it with me?

MS: Yeah. It can be really simple, depending on what you want.

RC: Okay. Thanks. At the moment, it’s kind of an oval shape.

MS: Hmm. That’d be tough.

RC: What sort of shape is easiest?

MS: Well, rectangular or square really, it becomes more difficult when you start going for circular or rounded edges.

RC: Well this is what I have for now (RC shows MS her design), 4x4ft square with rounded edges.

MS: That’s quite small and awkward for projection mapping actually.

RC: Well, I’ll have a think about it, thanks.

MS: No problem, I mean, I can show you what I know and that may help you decide, at that size we may have to hang the projector quite close to it, which is fine, but something to think about.

RC: Thanks Matty. I can’t really get it any bigger than it is with this design; but will see what I can do.


For the purpose of the meeting minutes SG goes through the Character List, please see DSM folder on the G-Drive or ‘Character Information’ Section of the Prompt Copy.

Rehearsal Notes

For the purpose of the meeting minutes SG goes through the Rehearsal Notes for 01/02/18 @ 9.30am, please see DSM folder on the G-Drive or ‘Rehearsal Notes’ Section of the Prompt Copy. Then SG goes through the Blocking Notes from the rehearsal, please see Rehearsal Script in the Prompt Copy. The mark out was agreed for 19/02/18 at 12pm. RC & SG to attend.


SL: At the moment, in rehearsals, they have a present, the 4 gun racks (4 pieces of 3mm), the 3 tables, 3 chairs. I’ve got some valentines day decorations so they can have those ASAP. We have Christmas decorations in the Props Store. Most of the stuff they have asked for, we have good substitutes in the Props Store for them to use in rehearsals. I’ve set up a Props Making table in AS012 so I can start making the props I don’t have.

SG: The tables they have now are the tables they want to use, as they’re a nice size for classroom desks. Sam has Risk Assessed them for rehearsals so we can utilize a similar one for the show.

LS: What’s the date for all the rehearsal props to be in rehearsal?

SL: I have said I will try and have all the Act 1 and Prologue Props in by 19/02/18 but most of them will be in before that. Act 2 props hasn’t yet been discussed as they’re not working on it yet.

LS: Sue has asked for them by the 19th anyway so that’s good.

SL: Well I’m only concentrating on the Prologue and Act 1 props so I should have them in by then. Act 2 is a whole different thing, as they haven’t even looked at it yet.

LS: That’s fine.

SL: I am waiting until after valentine’s day to get the valentines day props, as they sell them off cheap. SG has said she will work on some paper chains for the Christmas decorations.


MS: I need two follow spot operators, that I’m going to have to find myself.

LS: Liv has already said she’s happy to help on our show.

MS: That all depends on whether Jace will let her work on our show, but we will see.I am not using the LED followspot either.

LS: From today our meetings will move to Tuesdays when they’re required, as rehearsals are on a Thursday all day for the most part. Probably on a lunch time.


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