Creative Project

Creative Project – Experimentation – First Bodice and Skirt Piece

First bodice and skirt piece

I made the first bodice piece a size 12 on the pattern as that was the closest to what the model would wear on standard I then got my model o try it on and realised although it fit for the majority of the piece the bust was slightly too small and for the model to feel comfortable it would probably be best to make it a size larger and take it in from there so that the model would feel free to move without fear of anything happening that may embarrassing them. I also cut a skirt piece out of calico to be able to work out how much I would need to extend it as I was unconvinced that the pattern piece would create a skirt that would reach the floor with my model’s height. I worked out that I would need to add 5 to 10 inches to the pattern piece so that it could reach the floor as well as being hemmed so that it would sit nicely on the floor as it’s a lot easier to take away fabric than it is to add it and I didn’t think I would have enough fabric to make the skirt twice.


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