Industry Development

Career Path

I was also asked to create a career path that looked at my short, mid and long-term goals. this was something I definitely struggled with as it is mainly filled with what I hope will happen but it also forced me to analyse what I want from life and the path that I want to take something that isn’t set in stone but definitely the way I want to go.


By the end of my degree, I will have decided where I will be living for the year after if not longer. If that is Hull, then I will apply for jobs at the local theatres and venues even if it is just as a casual, and may even have another job so that I am able to pay my bills.

If I end up moving back to Devon I will find a full-time job work off my debt and start applying to theatre jobs in the hopes of getting into the industry. I will keep working and fine-tuning my skill set and attempt to gain more contacts in the industry. I would like to get into theatre as soon as I can but am aware that financially that may not be feasible if I have rent and bills to pay as well as debt to pay off but that won’t stop me from trying.

I know that I need to be realistic and not jeopardise myself by getting into worse debt that I currently am. Despite my financial difficulties, I know that my physical abilities will hinder many of the opportunities that I may apply too. I also know that the pain I am in is getting progressively worse and I still don’t have a diagnosis of what is happening to me. With this in mind, I know that my time to actually be in the industry is limited, and there may come a time where my pain gets to a point in which I am no longer able to be in the profession. I think it is illogical for me to expect to get much at the start, and I know that I am more likely to start off as a volunteer at events and that is alright as it is a starting point it allows people to get to know me. If I work hard as a volunteer, then they may consider employing me in the future.

I have considered taking a year out to travel but am aware that I may not be able to achieve this due to my circumstances and I think that it may be illogical due to the type of industry this is you have to establish yourself before you can do anything, but at the same time it could be a great thing to build my character even further. Travelling is something that I would like to do, but it is not just that I want to see other countries, I’d like to do projects while I’m there like building homes or teaching if I could and I am considering taking on one of these kinds of projects if I feel I am able financially. It is more likely to happen I think if I end up moving back to Devon as I won’t have to worry as much about bills and rent in my family home, even though I will have to pay towards the bills and board it wouldn’t be as much as if I were renting a house.

In five years’ time I want to be in the industry working towards my end goal, I may have to start as a runner and do any job that comes my way for the five years to build up a network of contacts, and if I’ve shown my full potential in all the jobs that I do then hopefully finding work won’t be as difficult. At this point, it would be nice to either be on tour with a show or have a stable job within a theatre, possibly within the costume department or as part of an in-house production team. I will have hopefully established myself as a hard-working person within the industry and if I am within a theatre and I am unhappy there then I could possibly find work elsewhere. I know that this will be a challenge but hopefully, it is feasible. I have knowledge in a wide range of areas of theatre and, so I know that I could in theory work in any job that comes up, but I am more likely to go for jobs that are production or costume based as I feel that they are the areas of this industry that I work best in and my knowledge and experience is mainly in those areas.

The place that I will be in my career that I think I will be happy is as a costume mistress on a show whether that be a show that has a fixed theatre venue or is part of a tour. Personally, I think I would prefer if it were a tour since the logistics of each venue would be different, and it would challenge my problem-solving skills, and although I know it would be tough I like challenging myself to further my own abilities, and prove that despite my physical restrictions when I need to I do my best to power through and overcome them. I hope that by the time I get to a role I am happy with that my physical abilities don’t stop me from doing what I enjoy and have aspired to, but I know that throughout my career path I will have to evaluate my physical health and adjust my aspirations accordingly. I also hope that by this time in my life I will have a diagnosis for my pain and with this, I will endeavour to find coping mechanisms and possibly some ways of reducing the amount of pain I’m in.


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