Creative Project

Creative Project – Selection of Tecnology

Selection of technology

Lights in dress

When looking for lights to go in the dress I often found the LED adhesive stripping, but I know that I wouldn’t be able to sew that in any way I was looking for lights that are specifically for costume and I found the website Cool Neon which provides a wide range of products and I came across their selection of angel tear LED reels. I know I had to use LED as they don’t get hot and there for wouldn’t set the dress alight these lights are also made to go in clothing like ski outfits and so I knew that it would be fine.

Rig and floor lights

I decided to use Source Four Jr’s in the rig using four-point lighting decided to use Source Fours as they are profiles and I knew I needed to define the space and using shutters is the best way to create defined edges as I wanted a square area. I also wanted to make the dress look as if it was floating across the floor and so I used four Acclaim Fresnel’s two on either side on tank traps as side lighting. I knew that I wanted to add a semi-circle of colour into the design but I didn’t want to do this by hanging multiple generic lights and so I decided to use intelligent lighting. I decided to put two Mac 250 Spot’s in the rig so that I could use the gobos if I felt it looked right and two Mac 250 Wash’s on the floor so that I could up light the dress in colour, the two different lights not have the exact same colour in them and so I knew I would be able to have a whole colour wash. As both sets of movers were positioned to the sides of the space I knew I needed some colour at the back of the space and so I rigged two LED Batten ‘s which as you can program them as 72 channels and control each LED separately I thought this would be something interesting to explore.


I decided to use Avolites Tiger one dongle as my lighting desk due to the fact that I wasn’t the only person in the space and after looking at the software I realised you could have multiply cue stacks which would make programming a lot easier as I was aware that not everyone in the space wanted to have lighting changes but some did and it would mean that if we decided to open the space as a museum and allow people to come in as they pleased having all of our cues in one cue stack wouldn’t work as it may mean others lights changing possibly when they didn’t want them to. This also meant I was able to learn another desk in a different medium and expanded my knowledge of lighting software.


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