End of Year Show

Agenda and Meeting Minutes 20/03/2018


 Production: Zombie Prom

Date: 20th March 2018

Time: 11:30am

Venue: AS012

Attendees: Lucy Sykes, Sam Loftus, Matthew Stephenson, Jason Shepley, Rosalin Cunningham, Steff Gibson

From: Lucy Sykes

Agenda Points

  1. Last Thursday and technical agreement – Lucy Sykes
  2. Lighting – Matthew Stephenson
  3. Sound – Jason Shepley and Rosalin Cunningham
  4. Set – Rosalin Cunningham
  5. Stage Management – Sam Loftus
  6. A.O.B


  1. What happened at the rehearsal on Thursday. What’s happening with the technical agreement?
  2. Any updates on paperwork?
  3. Sound Inventory? Any further with any of the paperwork?
  4. Build Schedule? Technical Drawings?
  5. Update on prop sourcing. Risk assessments update.
  6. A.O.B


Meeting Minutes for 20/03/18 @ 11:35am 

 Attendees: Lucy Sykes (LS), Sam Loftus (SL), Matthew Stephenson (MS), Jason 

Shepley (JS), Rosalin Cunningham (RC), Steff Gibson (SG) 

 Venue: AS012 


  1. Last Thursday and technical agreement – Lucy Sykes
  2. Lighting – Matthew Stephenson
  3. Sound – Jason Shepley and Rosalin Cunningham
  4. Set – Rosalin Cunningham
  5. Stage Management – Sam Loftus
  6. A.O.B.



Last Thursday & Technical Agreement 

LS: I went to go and get the Technical Agreement that should have been signed by the performers, or discuss any issues prior to singing, kind of hoped they’d already signed it. Anyway, Sean looked for it for about 5-10 minutes with the help of Levi and they couldn’t find it anywhere, and then Sean informed me that Jez was going to refuse to sign the Tech Agreement. I then had a conversation with Sean, Sean said he didn’t know why Jez wouldn’t sign it. He said he’d put the signature form on a table and they had disappeared from that table, so his assumption is that Jez has taken them, so I intend on reprinting them if they’re not found, so they can be signed. Liv and Chelsea have said they will try and find out why he’s refusing to sign the Tech Agreement as soon as they can, Jez has a meeting with Goole today or something, so hopefully we can get on that. If he still refuses to sign it, I’m signing on behalf of us, and Sean agreed that he would sign on behalf of the performers, though we should get their signatures too as soon as we can.  



LS: Any updates on Lighting? 


LS: Do you want to, maybe, get on that then? 

MSI haven’t had chance if I’m honest. I’ve tried to watch the videos, some of them are quite interesting, the angle of the camera is off, so I can’t get a clear idea of the positions of the performers.  

LSCan we see some paperwork soon please? The show is not that far away now. 

MS: I’ve been talking to Nick to try and work some of the paperwork out, so there should be some progress soon.  



JS: Sound Inventory has been done, it’s on the G-Drive now. 

LS: What about the rest of the paperwork? 

For the purpose of the meeting minutes LS goes through all the missing sound paperwork to date. 

LS: So can you get on that please? 

JS: Well we have already done the sound inventory and we have already got the sounds together so I’m sure we can knock the rest of the paperwork together pretty soon. As we have already been doing. 

MS: Just a side note, this morning, I found out that one of the speakers in the rig has gone. 

RC: Yeah, Nick told me. 

MS: One of the horns has gone on it.  

RC: Jace is apparently trying to fix it.    


Set Progress 

LS: So, build schedule? 

RC: I started it this morning. It’s right here, right now. Because I don’t know when you lot are available to come in, it’s more the order that things need to be done in than a detailed plan.  

SGI’m not available Fridays, I work Fridays, that’s it. 

RC: Okay, so not a Friday. You’re unavailable all week MS? 

MS: Yeah. I can be in on Friday. 

RCOkay, so you can be in on Friday.  

RC: What about the rest of you? 

LS: Whenever I need to be in, I’ll be in, the only day we have lessons is Thursday, 1pm until 2.15pm, we don’t have one next week, this is the last week I think. We may have lessons with Sally Firby, but that’s doubtful.  

RC: Who can’t be in the workshop afternoon? 

JS: Me, and MS. 

LS: And me, no steelies. 

RC: We’re just measuring. 

LS: Okay. 

SG: Wanna come measure in your heels? 

LS: Sure, no problem.  

For the purpose of the meeting minutes, RC then goes through the build schedule for 20-3-18 – 23-3-18. RC then gets the availability of team members during the Easter holidays.  


Stage Management

LS: How’s the prop sourcing going? 

SL: It’s going. Mostly the stuff I’ve printed with reprographics but due to it being close to dissertation time and all that it’s been dragged down with everything else. None of this will be sorted until after Easter now, and as soon as I’m back it’ll be sorted out. All the personal props are sorted out now. Couple of other bits and bobs that I can sort out after Easter. Risk Assessment-wise, I’ve made some of the corrections, not all, but I can work on that in the holidays. I’ve decided to write a whole risk assessment just for the table stuff instead of splitting it into three different ones.  

LS: Don’t worry so much about the table, I’ve told Sean that Levi is not allowed to flip off the table for health and safety reasons, and Sean agreed with me. We do not want to be the first people on the scene if he flips and has an accident, it’s not happening. We can’t guarantee that the tables won’t break on the night, no matter how much we jump on them to test them.   



SGI’m slightly concerned that I’m not in rehearsals, I know why I’m not in rehearsals, but I am super concerned about it.  

MS: Yeah, we need to sort that out, because I need to be in rehearsals too.  

LS: Yeah I know. I’m going to go and see Lucy Francis in a second, going to take RC with me so we can find out what’s happening. 

SG: They’re running everything on Thursday apparently, so anyone who wants to see it, that would be the day. I really want to be allowed to go in there, I mean, I lost 10% of my grade in first year for going against Conor, I do not want to lose my grade for going against you, like, you are my boss. 

LS: Yeah. 

SG: But I need to be in there.  

LS: As soon as I can get it sorted, you’ll be back in rehearsal.  

SG: I know we haven’t stopped production from anyone else’s point of view, but from mine, not being in rehearsal is the only thing that I have to do really, and I can’t be in there. And it’ll be my fault in the end. 

JS: How is it? 

SG: Because if we get in there on show week and I don’t know what’s happening, it’ll be my fault as a DSM, that’s how. 

LS: Yes, Matthew? 

MS: I’ve found 2 smoke machines that go green, they’re £20 each and I might just buy them, they have wireless remotes. 



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