Creative Project

Creative Project – Realisation


Overall, I think that the piece was successful it did everything that I set out to do it challenged my knowledge of costume and allowed me to create something that I have never achieved before. The realisation of the piece was in itself difficult for me, but I felt that I overcame all the challenges that it presented to the best of my ability. The hardest thing was to have to perform it as originally I planned to stand to the side of the performance space with cue cards that would keep me on track for each of the lighting states but in the end I decided that wouldn’t look right with me in the dress but that did mean I had to remember the cue lines which I am certain I didn’t always get right to overcome this I created a small hand signal if I felt I was rambling and needed to move to the next state I could make this signal and the lighting operator would know I wanted the next cue. Also, the dress was far too long for myself as my original performer was taller than me and I had created it long so I could take it up for her which meant, in the end, I couldn’t move around the space as much as I wanted to but I still think that this worked well. The one time I did move was to the bench so that I could show that despite the size of the dress I could still sit, had the dress been to the right length I probably would have waited until the blackout to walk to the bench so the full effect of the lights in the dress could be shown but I felt this a health and safety hazard due to the risk of me tripping on the dress. The lighting cues worked well with what I was saying, and I attempted to get a mixture of lighting theory as well as putting in information about the construction of the dress, my inspiration, how I got to the design and some history of dresses.


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