I am currently studying at Hull College on my third year, working towards a BA (HONS) Technical and Theatre Production. I originally came from a performing background where I would participate in local productions, mainly dancing in the chorus, but had a few acting and singing roles. I have a national diploma in costume and most of my third-year work is tailored towards costume as it is the area of theatre I am most comfortable, but I feel there are still areas that I can improve in. I decided I wanted to do a technical theatre degree because when I started the course, I had some knowledge of the technical side of things, and I wanted to expand my knowledge in the correct vocabulary and technology. I want to be able to use what I learn on this degree so that I can freely communicate with the many different roles within the technical and production teams. Also, if I get the opportunity to design costumes for theatre I will have the right knowledge to communicate with the different teams in the theatre, to change the costume to accommodate other design teams, as I will have an understanding of how they work and restrictions they have.

I have had experience working as a stage manager, and prefer when things are fast paced so it seems like I rarely stop moving, often I don’t stop. I’ve never really been the kind of person who just sits in her own box, often if I have the time I like to help as many people I can. For example, I was working as a Prop Manager for a production of Pirates of Penzance. My job was to ensure the performers got their props, but there was a shortage of dressers to help with all the quick changes, so I helped a couple of the performers with their change. I think that doing those small jobs for people in the theatre are really important, as the theatre is one big team creating the show and working together is a large part of making the show run seamlessly. Showing whoever your working for that you’re willing to put in some extra work is very important, and I have often found if you are helping someone they appreciate the help and tend to be more likely to allow you onto their next production.

I often doubt my knowledge when it comes to technical elements. I know there are people who have more knowledge than myself. Even though I know I have a basic knowledge of the technical side of theatre, I would not want to put myself into the technical role as I know there are other people that are more experienced and are better equipped within those departments.